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Apps to help you survive in Palma

Here is a compilation of applications that will help you during your visit to Palma. We've tried and tested them all. We hope you find them useful.


This app is advertised on many advertising hoardings and transport stops. It tries to group all forms of public transport in Palma (except taxis).

Buses: With this app you can find out the nearest bus stops to your location as it uses geolocation. It will show you a map with the stops nearby, the buses that stop there, their destination and the time it will take you to get there. You can also programme notifications.

Traffic: In this section you can check out the status of traffic in Palma. This is particularly useful if you will be using your own vehicle to get from one place to another. It indicates traffic flow and there is also a camera section. We're not sure why it has the latter as it doesn't seem to work and you can't see anything.

BiciPalma: In this section you can view bike stops, the bikes available, the number of bikes at that parking area and the time it will take you to reach that stop. This is incredibly useful if you wish to cycle around the city. The only thing missing is a section to reserve a bike and show a price list.

Car Parks: If you will be using your own vehicle, this section is rather handy. It indicates the car parks in your area and the amount of free spaces. If you click on the information balloon you can find out how much they cost per minute and per hour.

This is a comprehensive but complex app.

EMT Palma

This app is much simpler than the one mentioned previously. It is as simple to use as it is to reach the bus stop. On the bus shelter or the post announcing the stop you will find a sticker with the stop number. Enter this number on the app and it will automatically tell you what buses stop there and how long they will take. This helps you avoid waiting for a long time. This app is free to use on both Android and iOS.

Joinup Taxi

This app is also quite simple to use. It employs geolocation to know where you are. All you need to do is enter your telephone number, name and email address. The pick-up point is marked by the programme. You can indicate whether you wish a taxi immediately or not. You can also indicate whether you wish to pay be credit card.

Another interesting feature on this app is that you can share your journey (and save money). Buuuut, unfortunately it shows a message saying "Joinup currently does not provide service in this area." Save money? In a taxi? Hmm, that doesn't sound likely at all.


If you will be using your own vehicle, you will find that almost all street parking is Blue Zone (ORA). This means you must pay to park for a limited time (watch out as fines can reach €60). Each zone has a different rate. If you don't have any coins on you, this is the app for you.

With geolocation, you can work out where you are and the programme will automatically manage the price. All you need to do is indicate your vehicle's number plate and the time for which you wish to park. It has an alarm (this needs to be activated manually) that will notify you when your time is up. And here's the best bit: you can increase the time on your ticket from your mobile phone, without having to return to your vehicle.

The downside is that you first have to register and enter your credit card details. This task is rather tedious and it isn't advisable to do so from your mobile phone.

If you're worried about an ORA Agent giving you a fine for not showing a physical ticket, don't worry. We've tried out this app on several occasions and we've never been fined.

Passion for Palma

This is a rather comprehensive guide to Palma. This app has a calendar, if you are bored and have no plans. The calendar is divided into months and event descriptions are extensive. We aren't sure they are completely updated as we've come across the odd non-existent event. We advise calling before going.

The app also suggests places to eat, enjoy the nightlife, hotels, leisure options, basic services (pharmacies, hospitals, police stations, taxi ranks, petrol stations). Although, if you are a tourist you'll likely use TripAdvisor to find somewhere to eat or stay.

There is also a Culture section (museums, monuments, cinemas, theatres, galleries) with in-depth information.


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