Apps to survive in Palma

Apps to survive in Palma

Apps Mallorca

We present a compilation of applications that will help you on your visit to Palma de Mallorca. We’ve tried and tested . We hope you find them usefulApps Mallorca


This app will find advertised in the many advertising and billboards tansporte stops . It is an app that tries to group all public transport in Palma (except taxis).

Buses: With this app you will know which are the nearest to you bus because it uses geo . It will show a map with stops around, the buses that stop at that stop , its destination and the time it will take to arrive. We can also set an alert.

Traffic: in this section you will see the traffic in Palma. It is useful if you have to move around in your own car from one place to another. Tells you traffic flow . It also has a camera section ¿? We do not really know why, it does not work or see anything .

BiciPalma: This section will show stops bikes , bicycles available , the number of bicycles on the parking, and the time it will take to get to that stop. Very useful if you want to move around the city by bike . Who we are lacking , a section to reserve the bike, and the price table .

Parkings: si vas en vehículo propio, este apartado es bastante útil. Te indica los parkings que tienes por tu zona y la cantidad de plazas libres. Si hacemos un click sobre el globo de información nos indicará el coste por minuto y por hora.

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It is a very complete application , at the same complex

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EMT Palma

This application is much simpler than before. It is as easy to use as you reach the bus stop. On the marquee stop or stop advertising column you will find a sticker with the number of unemployed . This number is entered into the app , and you automatically say that buses pass by stop and how long that will take . Very useful to avoid having to wait for the bus.

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This app is free on both Android and iOS . You can find them in

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[su_divider] Joinup Taxi

This application is also quite simple to use. Used geo to know where you are. You only have to indicate your phone, your name and e-mail. The collection point is marked by the program itself. And you can tell right away if you want it or not ( at this point the program takes us out . It will be a bug ) . And we can also tell you if we will use credit card.

Another interesting point of this site is that you can share the ride ( and cost savings ) . But , unfortunately effected message appears “Actualmente Joinup no da servicio en esta area“. Save costs ?. Cab?. Mmm , I already seemed to me.

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You can find this app here:



If you use your own vehicle , you will find that almost all street parking is Blue Zone ( ORA ) . This means you have to pay for your parking for a limited time (Warning , because the fine is 60 € ) . Each zone has a different cost . If you do not bring coins on top , this is your app .

With geolocation , you’ll find out in which area you are , and you automatically manages the program and the price. You only have to indicate your vehicle ‘s registration , and the time you want to park . It has an alarm (Warning, because you have to activate it manually ), which will warn us when the time has elapsed. And here ‘s the best part , you can extend the time of your ticket from the phone without scrolling to the vehicle.

The downside is that previously have to register and insert your credit card . This task is quite cumbersome and is not advisable to do it from the mobile phone

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If your question is whether ORA Agent is going to get a ticket for not having the physical ticket, do not worry. We’ve tried several times, and have not put us any fine.


Passion for Palma

It’s a pretty wide of Palma guide. In this application we will find an agenda , if are bored or not you have any plans. The agenda is listed by month , and descriptions of the events are quite extensive . However , we doubt that is current , as we have encountered some nonexistent event. Better if you call before you go.

In the app also you will find places to go eat , nightlife , hotels , leisure , utilities (pharmacies , hospitals, police , taxi , gas stations ) . As to where to eat or sleep , it is of little use , because if you are a traveler surely will use Tripadvisor

There is also a section of Culture (museums , monuments , cinemas , theaters , galleries ) with comprehensive information .

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One point that has pleased us a lot is the section of routes , cataloged, and by the time you dispongáis .

It is a very clear , current, easy to use application . In each section you will find a map that you geolocalizará and tell you where your target is .





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