Request one “llonguet”

Request one "llonguet"


The “llonguet” is a typical product of Majorca. It is a consistent and soft bun crumb surface is made from a dough of wheat flour, water, sourdough, organic yeast and salt then baked.

Due to the introduction of other major breads, this bagel was declining in consumption and lost in oblivion. Indirectly, a group of friends wanted to revive the festivities of Palma of Majorca, creating the “Orgull llonguet” group. Hence, a social movement that claimed this consumption bagel emerged.

Attracted by the popular clamor, in an area of ​​Majorca celebrates the “Fira of llonguet” (April 26), where visitors can taste sandwiches made with “llonguet” different bakeries in the area.

If you make a visit to Palma, and is hungry, be sure to taste this biscuit. A good place to taste it (near the Hotel Born) is in the Bar Bosch. In this case you will have to ask the waiter to serve “a lobster”. Yes, you heard right. For a surprise.

On this website you can find some bakeries to buy this muffin with ratings on them:

The Tambourines and Confectioners Association in conjunction with the Consell Regulator Sobrassada have initiated llonguet Route, where 43 establishments offer this product at a fixed price of 2.5 €, including drink & snack. The route is active until the end of October. On this website you will find more information on the route: or through twitter @Llongueters



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