Jose Hila, new mayor of Palma de Mallorca

Jose Hila, new mayor of Palma de Mallorca

mayor palma de mallorca

The socialist José Hila has been invested today new mayor of Palma de Mallorca thanks to governability pact reached yesterday by the PSOE month and Som, which includes his replacement in 2017 by nationalist Antoni Noguera.

After his proclamation, Hila received the rod control the city from its predecessor, Mateo Isern, which did not attend the May 24 Elections for lack of support from the municipal and regional leadership of his party, the PP.

The New Majority conforms the PSOE, with six councilors, month, with five councilors, and Som Palma, the group backed by Podemos, five other scammers Representatives, whose leader, Mr. Comas, Sera municipal spokesman throughout the Legislature.

Who is José Hila?

The new mayor of Palma, third socialist governing the eighth largest city in Spain after Ramon Aguilo and Aina Calvo, was born in a poor neighborhood of the Balearic capital, are Gotleu in 1972, it is an economist, is married and has two daughters .

“Today the heart of Palma Start a beating with different pace, change has begun,” said Hila in his book speech as mayor, which ended excited promising to govern with the personal characteristics that define it: “Humility, candor and loyalty” .

Hila stressed that run “Solid, reliable and Useful” That program is not the priority will be to “rescue personalities” most disadvantaged and in particular those of children, here’s that its first performances Habra measures against child poverty .

He also advocated the recovery of privatized services, the fight against speculation and Committed was to promote “transparency, participation and accountability” As managing their identity.




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